Cow vs VR goggles


Chanchal Chaudhary

3/8/20232 min read

Let’s start gifting a VR headset to our cattle. Time has changed a lot. Not only us, but now animals also enjoy virtual reality. Reportedly, a farmer in Turkey managed to get his cows by wearing VR headsets to produce more milk exciting greener meadows on a sunny day.

A Farmer named İzzet Koçak, whose three generations has been in the farming industry perform a simple experiment using virtual reality googles. Kocak said, he had to find out the alternative to produce more milk after the expansion of fodder prices in Turkey. Before trying out VR goggles, he had played soothing classical music to his cattle.

Pic Credit: The Economic Times

In the first stage, the virtual reality goggles were tried on two cows. The process was under observation for about 10 days. The increase in quality as well as quantity of milk in animals wearing the goggles was found. Both of his cows were responded well with VR headsets enjoying classical music, with the evidence coming in the form of higher milk output.

An average, a cow gives 22 litres of milk per day. But, after enjoying virtual music by wearing headset, the quantity of cow milk has been raised from 22 litres to 27 litres per day.

Surrounding matters a lot! If we talk about us, we usually enjoy music to overcome the stressful life. Likewise, the reason for the increased milk production was mental wellbeing, the VR headsets with classical music proves the cows for lowering their stress level and increasing milk production.

The VR headsets for cattles were initially tested in Russia, with the support of government officials, decided on taking human VR glasses and modifying them to fit the shape of a cow's head. Since the goggles proved to be a success on his farm, Kocak said that he's planning to order 10 more headsets from Russia and install them on his animals.

While the results of such experiments may surprise many, data has shown that sensory input can have tremendous effect on the output and quality of milk from cows.Question arises here, is it ethical farming! Would more milk be worth placing cattle in a bovine carrier where they have no insight of the real world??

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