Long Live Virtual Distance Relationship

A 3D silicon device to kiss over the internet.

Chanchal Chaudhary

3/1/20231 min read

One of our favorite questions to all is "Are YOU in a Relationship?", "is it long distance relationship !!". Then how would you express your feelings with your partner over a long distance? The answer is the Chinese contraption “KISSINGER”. A modern smartphone attachment has given separated lovers a chance to share a “real” kiss over the internet. Pic Credit: Twitter-@tongbingxu

According to China’s Global Times, the kissing instrument was developed and patented by investigators at the Changzhou Vocational Institute of Mechatronic Technology in East China’s Jiangsu Province. Consumers of the the device can connect it to their phone using either Bluetooth or by directly plugging it in, and can call up the kissing elements using an app. Changzhou Vocational Institute of Mechatronic Technology alumnus Jiang Zhongli formerly invented the machine and submit an application for a patent in 2019, but that patent was invalidated last month. The smooching gadget could solve the problem of couples that are long distance or those facing an urge for a sense of affection. Or, as CNN reports, it could help you meet someone new. In the device’s phone app, seemingly occurs an opportunity to match up with a random person and get to kissing. Similarly, consumers can upload their own kisses for others to enjoy. As technology like this continues its best to redo the human feel, what possibly will that suggest for something like the metaverse? While the metaverse is scarcely in formative years and is more attracted in product aerobatics over actual invention, tech like this kissing apparatus could, in a sick way, help arithmetical worlds be more authentic. “In my university years, I was in a long-distance relationship with my girlfriend so we only contact each other by phone. That's where the inspiration for this device originated" said Jiang Zhongli.

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